Panchakarma In Paradise 

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Panchakarma is the most profound healing practice in Ayurveda.

It is the ultimate healing experience for detoxifying your body, settling your nervous system, calming your mind, resetting your digestion, strengthening your  immune system, and restoring a sense of balance and well-being.

The breathtaking nature of Kauai supports your journey by flooding your senses with beauty. Warm waters, fragrant flowers, exquisite vistas, loving touch and delicious healing food conspire to assist you in remembrance of your true nature as well as your worthiness.


Each program is designed specifically for you.

 The treatments themselves are extraordinary, but the focus that Myrica and her staff hold is truly remarkable. You will be held in sacred space and treated like royalty. Each session is a ceremony of anointing the divine being that lives within you.

You have the safety to let go and journey deeper into your own experience with the support of a sacred space that is created each day. There are ample opportunities for silence, meditation, yoga, peaceful walks, swimming, strolling through the gardens, star gazing and moon baths.







The only thing you need do is to let go, relax deeply and re-member yourself…



A Panchakarma Retreat Includes:

  •  A full consultation to determine the optimum protocol and focus to assist you with your transformation.
  •  3, 5 or 7 intensive days of treatments. The treatment days consist of about 3 hours of warm aromatic oil massage, aromatic steam therapies, herbal scrubs, special signature Ayurvedic oil treatments, and many other deeply nourishing treatments
  • Herbal preparations used for the retreat
  • Ayurvedically prepared meals and beverages customized for your specific needs. All of your food will be lovingly prepared each day with all organic and fresh produce right from our farm.
  • Sound Healing
  •  Aromatherapy
  • Guidance and instruction for a follow up program to support your body, mind, emotions and life at a new level of health, clarity, vitality, and peace within. 

Panchakarma is deeply detoxifying and rejuvenating. Engaging in Panchakarma on a regular basis can reverse aging and increase your vitality.

People receive the most benefit when they do PK twice a year to regularly release the accumulation of stress of all kinds.

All inclusive Panchakarma Rate is $500 per day

Accommodations are not included.


To schedule your Panchakarma Retreat,

Please Call 808-346-1074

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