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Ayurveda Bliss 


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About Ayurveda Bliss


Ayurveda Bliss exists to support the knowledge of living with profound awareness and presence...

(“Ayus” ~ life  “Veda” ~ knowledge, “awareness” ~ bliss)

Feel more radiant, centered, joyful, generous, compassionate and grateful in life!

Ayurveda supports you in caring for yourself in ways that promote wholeness on all levels; physically, mentally and emotionally, so that you can be free of distraction (from illness) to pursue your highest aspirations and allow the joyful evolution of your soul’s journey.

Ayurveda uses beautifully nurturing practices to reawaken your innermost nature allowing healing and re-balancing.  When you remember that you are a part of the perfect pattern of nature, your pure essential nature emerges.

With the full knowledge of who you are, you can accomplish anything.

You are spirit. Life force itself. You are eternal, limitless love.



Panchakarma in Paradise 

The only thing you need do is to let go, relax deeply and re-member yourself…